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Wir bestellen wieder Flaschenöffner.

Bestellung Flaschenöffner
Wir machen wieder eine Sammelbestellung für Flaschenöffner. Dadurch können wir schon kleine Mengen für einen korrekten Kurs anbieten.

Details zu Spoilers


SPOILERS Hailing from the compost heap of England. This Kent based 4 piece features members, Dan Goatham (7 Day Conspiracy, Southport), Ben Davis (More Than Normal), Stuart Randall and Leon Packer. Quite simply long-time friends from their local music scene, this story gets its start when Dan leaves UK punk legends SOUTHPORT. Approached by the other 3 members in turn with a view to starting a new band after hearing some earlier demos filled with new and original song ideas. Less than 30 minutes into the first practice SPOILERS was born. With catchy vocal melodies mixed with riffs that are just as at home now as they would be in the early Snuff period all played with an energy that rivals China Drum and Gorilla Biscuits in a fist fight with Osker. SPOILERS are the type of act that will let you believe they are pop punk band then without notice slap you in the face with some melodic hardcore. 'SPOILERS have come up with one of the finest debut releases we have heard in years!' - Aston Stephens, Boss Tuneage Records 'Spoilers boshed it' – Duncan Redmonds, SNUFF “Maybe we can get a support slot when you blow up in Europe” - Trever Keith, Face to Face. "Since the early 1990s, when bearded Floridians and Californians co-opted the Leatherface sound and based an entire American punk genre on it, I’ve been waiting for the Brits to re-appropriate something from our shores and turn it around on us. Twenty-five years later and that time has come" - Matt Seward, Razorcake. This is Spoilers….. For fans of SNUFF, HDQ, OSKER, GORILLA BISCUITS

Heimatstadt: Canterbury

Songs in der Playlist

Recently Re-Released (2018)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Bonjour 23.05.2019 11.11.2019 46
Same Again 06.06.2019 08.11.2019 22

Roundabouts (2018)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Collision Course 26.08.2019 12.11.2019 11
Excuses Excuses 24.08.2019 16.11.2019 16
Harry G 20.09.2019 19.11.2019 16
Pushover 05.09.2019 16.11.2019 8
Recently Re-Released 05.09.2019 28.10.2019 6
Roundabouts 26.08.2019 31.10.2019 11
See You Ringside 28.08.2019 19.11.2019 10
Shortcuts 20.09.2019 06.11.2019 8
Skimming Stones 31.08.2019 18.11.2019 17
Target Practice 31.08.2019 06.11.2019 9

The No Marks / Spoilers - Split (2016)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Lost Your Way 06.06.2016 23.10.2019 40
The Same Again 09.06.2016 31.08.2019 40

Stay Afloat (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
All For One 04.06.2016 11.10.2019 39
Freaked 18.06.2016 13.08.2019 36
Punks Don't Die 06.06.2016 27.07.2019 48
Stay Afloat 10.06.2016 08.10.2019 34
The Unlucky Winner Is 07.06.2016 01.07.2019 39
Who's To Blame 04.06.2016 22.10.2019 47