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Going back a few years we find Andrew and Lance, two high school friends from Cleburne, kicking around in various bands, making a lot of racket for anyone who cares to listen and spending most of their young adult lives in dark, smokey clubs. Meanwhile in Fort Worth you have Kent and Alex who have been spending their time engaged in similar antics, making a similar racket, very often in the same clubs. These were, as they say, the salad days. It should be very obvious to you at this point that the four will eventually pool their collective talents and attempt to create something from them. What may not be so obvious to you yet is just how successful they have been. It's rare in music that you find a band of such complimentary influences and abilities that the sum of their parts creates such a fully realized whole. Perdition crafts modern, melodic punk that's poppy without being obnoxious and aggressive without being abrasive. There's a folky grit to the material that not only ties together their songwriting but also serves to draw the listener into their world. While all of this sounds like the impossibly detailed craft of master musicians Perdition themselves would be the first to express their humility as simple music fans using their band to stave off boredom. This is a band that has bonded over beer and beef jerky but just so happens to play some of the most well crafted rock and roll to surface in the last few years.

Heimatstadt: Fort Worth, Texas

Genre: Punk, Rock

Songs in der Playlist

Hispaniola (2013)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Beartown 26.01.2015 15.09.2021 32
Cricket Dance 02.06.2015 27.04.2022 27
El Oso 04.04.2015 29.06.2022 29
Gatorade Punch 02.01.2015 10.11.2021 32
I Don't Get Drunk. I Get Awesome 15.03.2015 07.03.2021 31
I Saved A Bullet For You 25.03.2015 27.04.2021 26
I'll Be Careful. You'll Be Dead 19.03.2015 26.03.2022 31
Race For The Rabid 07.02.2015 05.07.2022 25
Why Buy The Cow When You Can Have The Sex For Free 27.01.2015 15.06.2022 31