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My Defense from Cologne, Germany was founded in 2005 but still the passion for writing honest and heartfelt music has not changed over the years. "No place like home" is already the 6th release of the band whose style can be roughly described as melodic HC/Punk. All of these guys are somewhere around the 30ies and have been active in the scene for quite some time. This band is not about success or selling the most records and shirts - it's about having a real good time driving hours and hours to play 30 minutes, having a beer and sleeping on dirty floors and this is what also reflects in their songs. Besides personal or serious topics there's always a wink and a little bit of irony. Life has enough challenges so this is about taking life and yourself not too serious. In the last years My Defense was lucky enough to play 100+ shows with the likes of Ignite, Madball, Strike Anywhere, 7 Seconds, Terror and many many more including two european tours in 2015 and a UK-tour in 2016. Speaking of shows My Defense is always happy about playing anywhere, meeting old and new friends and just having a good time. Booking/Contact: mydefense@gmx.de Webstore: https://www.discogs.com/seller/raincheckrecords/profile

Heimatstadt: Köln, Ehrenfeld

Genre: Hardcore - Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Delorean (2012)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Üb Mehr Im Kopp 12.02.2019 14.10.2020 11
Blätterteig 20.03.2015 21.10.2020 40
Delorean 01.01.2015 08.10.2020 18
Had Enough 14.04.2015 15.09.2019 24
Telos 05.01.2015 11.02.2020 17