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BURNING STREETS is a high energy, hard-working punk rock band from Boston, MA. Founded in late 2007 current members include brothers Andrew & Mike Juliano, Steve Zarba, Dave D’Elia and Kory Girard-Boutin. Burning Streets have leveraged their passion for music and commitment to friendship to keep the flame burning. Perhaps this flame will help them carry the torch of East Coast punk rock. Since the day they turned the key to start an old, yellow GMC van they have learned to cultivate the passions and attitudes that are synonymous with this lifestyle. Burning Streets has spent the last few years motoring across the country, North, South, East and West. Their music has given them the power to penetrate the borders of Canada and Europe. The band has released two full lengths to date, “Is it in Black and White?”-2009 and “Sit Still”-2011 were released on Sailors Grave Records (US)/I Hate People Records (EU). The band is currently working on their third full length record with plans to have it released in early 2015. Since beginning Burning Streets has focused hard on touring and spreading their own brand of music as far and wide as possible. Throughout this journey the band has been able to support larger acts, both regionally and nationally such as Street Dogs, Big D and the Kids Table, Far From Finished, The Ducky Boys, Mad Sin (DE), Blitzkit, The Business, Avoid One Thing, Dead To Me, The Dickies, Sloppy Seconds, The Casualties, Krum Bums, Static Thought, Pipes & Pints (CZ), Angry Samoans, The Queers, G.B.H. as well as direct support tours with Dead Kennedys, Ten Foot Pole and Reagan Youth. While the past seems to be what has made them who they are, Burning Streets is more reliant on the future to define them. After an emotional 2013, the band has recovered and rebuilt. In March 2014, they took to the studio to begin recording their third full length. Inspired by their hometown, the promise of change and the guarantee of confusion, the band are recording their most powerful and heartfelt record to date…and are more excited than ever to hit the road supporting their next release. It’s time to put gas in the tank, miles on the engine, and fists in the air.

Heimatstadt: Boston, MA

Genre: Punk Rock, Rock & Roll

Songs in der Playlist

Fight Over My Bones (2021)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Great Walls 25.03.2021 20.02.2022 18
Heavy Walking Angels 29.03.2021 15.03.2023 16
Lovesick 25.03.2021 22.09.2023 17
Simple Melody 03.04.2021 28.08.2023 14
Testament 03.04.2021 30.05.2023 24
The April Song 06.04.2021 13.01.2023 18

Morphine And Gasoline (2020)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Morphine & Gasoline 02.07.2020 27.05.2022 15

Is It In Black And White? (2009)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
13 Hours 07.01.2015 24.08.2023 37
Asleep At The Wheel 24.03.2015 08.04.2023 24
Final Chance (For First Impressions) 07.03.2015 11.08.2023 29
He's Alright 07.03.2015 08.06.2023 37
Kiss The World Goodbye 15.03.2015 15.09.2023 27
Tea Party 06.02.2015 05.01.2023 41
The Draw 09.01.2015 20.09.2023 40
The Reason 13.01.2015 02.12.2022 37
Throwing Rocks 12.02.2015 15.09.2022 46
You're Alive Today 20.10.2015 16.07.2023 34

Sit Still (-)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Blood I Need 31.01.2015 10.11.2022 33
Comfort In Confusion 19.01.2015 07.06.2022 37
Different Drums 16.02.2015 16.05.2023 34
Disappointed 05.01.2015 30.08.2023 31
Distance Between 12.01.2015 07.04.2022 35
Full Time Gamblers 14.06.2015 01.08.2023 44
Let Me Go 23.01.2015 31.05.2023 41
M.I.A. (Hold On) 30.07.2015 04.09.2023 34
Simplicity 13.01.2015 24.09.2022 41
Strangle Me 14.02.2015 14.05.2023 30
The Safety 06.01.2015 14.02.2023 47