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Since 2005, Buck Brothers have been playing short, sharp, fast paced pop music which is more catchy than a nail on a pair of fishnet stockings. They also hold the Guiness World Record for the "most gigs 12 hours" - a total of 28. So go on, cheer up and party on with Buck Brothers! Oh, and a cheeky little secret for you. None of them are actually brothers. They're named after an adult film company that guitarist Dom used to work for.

Heimatstadt: London/Jersey, Great Britain

Genre: Make up your own mind.

Songs in der Playlist

We Are Merely Filters (2010)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
All I Want To Do 23.03.2015 01.09.2023 40
All The Things 20.01.2015 21.05.2023 45
Are You In? 22.02.2015 10.11.2023 25
Deeply Shallow 01.01.2015 11.10.2023 24
Heartfelt By Numbers 17.02.2015 16.08.2023 33
No More Yesterdays 07.01.2015 31.05.2023 31
Pop Muzik (Album Version) 16.01.2015 23.09.2023 31
Remission 04.02.2015 01.11.2023 37
She's Not Wearing Any 21.02.2015 21.02.2024 39
When I Look At You (All I Think About Is Sex) *Album Version 02.05.2015 04.03.2023 45
You're So Good, Good, Good You're Great 22.03.2015 16.02.2023 52