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Wir feiern unseren 18ten Geburtstag

Am 5. September feiern wir in der Rotunde unseren 18ten Geburtstag. Fünf Bands werden wieder auf der Bühne stehen.

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STINKY is more than 300 concerts in 16 different countries, 4 European tours, taking part in several festivals including the Hellfest Open Air (Warzone stage) or the Xtreme Fest, two albums, videoclips... We shared the stage with bands like: Sick Of It All, Terror, Comeback Kid, Millencolin, Black Bomb A, Death Before Dishonor, All For Nothing, Expire, Born From Pain, Alea Jacta Est, Astpaï, The Setup, Providence, Condkoi, Burning Heads, Danforth, Tagada Jones, Get the shot, Nine Eleven, Direwolves, Fights and Fires, Jaya the Cat, Noopinion, Wank for peace, Additional Time, One Win Choice, World Of Pain, P.O. Box... Discography: December 2011- Demo "Stinky Bollocks" November 2012- Ep 7 tracks "Painful Birth" December 2013- Ep 5 tracks "The Thread of life" October 2014 - Ep 4 tracks "Second Breath" November 2015 - Album 11 tracks "Against Wind And Tide" October 2017 - Album 12 tracks "From Dead-End Street" Download it for free: https://stinkyhc.bandcamp.com/

Heimatstadt: Clisson


Songs in der Playlist

Against Wind And Tide (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Between Life And Lies 17.12.2015 13.02.2020 35
Kami 28.12.2015 09.05.2020 34
Labyrinth 27.12.2015 24.05.2020 41
No Time Is Enough 19.12.2015 29.05.2020 43
Perspectives 18.12.2015 31.05.2020 40
Tears In Rain 24.12.2015 29.05.2020 32
The Crown 20.12.2015 11.09.2019 40
Unstoppable 04.01.2016 19.01.2020 43
Way Out 24.12.2015 26.02.2020 34