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The groundwork for what has become the relentlessly touring sonic assault known as The Koffin Kats was laid near Detroit, Michigan when Vic Victor (Lead Vocalist, Upright Bass) joined forces with long-time friend Tommy Koffin (Guitar). After adding Damian Detroit (Drums), the band kicked off in June 2003, stopping for nothing. Now, with over 12 years of touring internationally, over two thousand live shows, and a few lineup changes. The touring trio’s current home is out on the open road. The Koffin Kats began by putting together songs with such subjects as dealing with the horrors of the real world, as well as Science Fiction. The band started in small local bars playing for beer, hoping for gas money, and eventually made their way out of the Midwest. The next couple of years contained positives; including numerous North American tours, and negatives concerning changes at the drumming position with Damian being replaced by Katch Katcher. During this time they released their first three albums: Koffin Kats (2003), Inhumane (2005), and Straying From The Pack (2006). All on Hairball 8 Records. The three album releases and their supporting tours gained attention for The Koffin Kats and helped get the band noticed in the wide world of punk and psychobilly. Eric “E-Ball” Walls was the bands first drummer before being replaced by Damian in the bands beginning months. In 2007 Vic and Tommy re-connected with E-Ball to record the band’s fourth studio album, Drunk In The Daylight (2008), and catalyzed what the band is now known for: love for their fans and the road, and playing everywhere for everyone willing to watch and listen. In the years following the release of Drunk In The Daylight, The Koffin Kats have established their name performing in Europe, and have also been included on tours with some of the tops acts in psychobilly, including, but not limited to, The Rev. Horton Heat, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, and The Meteors. In 2009 the trio released their fifth studio album, Forever For Hire, and Tommy departed KK at the year’s end. Shortly thereafter, “EZ” Ian Jarrell took over the guitarist position and joined the band on tour. While on the road they worked on the material that would become featured on their split album with fellow psychobilly act 12 Step Rebels, From Our Hands To Yours (2011). The Koffin Kats signed with Sailor’s Grave Records in late 2011, and released Our Way & The Highway in January 2012. The trio supported their sixth studio album’s release with non-stop international touring, finally ending in summer of 2013. In autumn of the same year, they released another full-length album with Sailor’s Grave Records, Born Of The Motor. Early 2014 brought another change to The Koffin Kats’ member roster. Ian had left the band to handle personal business at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not wanting to bring someone too far removed from The Koffin Kats family into the fold, Vic and E-Ball enlisted John Kay (Guitar). John was the engineer on numerous recording sessions for the group, and producer of both Drunk In The Daylight and Born Of The Motor. New Years day 2016 marked the departure of John Kay. John has since gone on to pursue a career with his own music, as well as sound engineering. Tommy Koffin has returned from musical hiatus and is now back playing guitar. KK released a track with Tommy called “Cold Blood, Dead Eyes.” The Koffin Kats will be touring the US and Europe in 2016 and have plans to record a new album.

Heimatstadt: Check www.koffinkatsrock.com for all current tour dates

Genre: Punk / Rock / Psychobilly

Songs in der Playlist

Our Way & The Highway (2012)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
A Terrible Way 07.04.2015 11.05.2024 41
Baby Don't Love You 26.01.2015 16.02.2024 45
BOOZINCROSSANATION 20.03.2015 09.11.2023 34
Choke 01.01.2015 25.04.2024 43
Don't Waste Your Time 09.01.2015 24.01.2024 28
For The Good Times 13.01.2015 22.02.2024 38
It Happens Every Night 21.03.2015 16.05.2023 48
Keep It Coming 11.01.2015 27.12.2023 50
Locket Of Sin 13.01.2015 04.01.2023 31
Riding High 22.01.2015 25.08.2023 28
Severing Ties 18.01.2015 09.10.2022 33
The Bottle Called 03.04.2015 08.01.2024 36
The Devil Asked 30.01.2015 09.02.2024 30
The Way Of The Road 15.01.2015 24.01.2024 32