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8 piece skacore from brighton! Five years in and the junk can boast two EP's one full length album as well as a live album and numerous tours across the UK and mainland Europe! The band have touted by national press both at home and abroad and have a sturdy reputation built on their exceptionally energetic live performances, hard work and love of their art! 2013 will see the release of their second full length album! More tours! More new tunes! If The Junk are not playing in a town or country near you this year then BOOK THEM AND THEY WILL COME! Buy or steal theJUNKs debut album, 'Problem. Reaction. Solution.' all over the web NOW, or from any good independent store.

Heimatstadt: Brighton

Genre: Skacore / Ska Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Ska Mutiny Records - Buried Treasure! (-)

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Monkey See, Monkey Do 25.05.2015 19.07.2023 37