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The debut album bears the name of the band, the cover shows the different members melting into a new person – on their first long-player TEAM STEREO introduce themselves self-confident and as a functioning entity of which the separate parts are never more important than the big picture. After TEAM STEREO had caught the first attention with their EP ‘Smells Like Team Spirit’ and the video for the single ‘Reminder’ in 2011, they went on working on their reputation as excellent live band afterwards. During that time, they were constantly collecting material for the next release in the background. Nevertheless, it took until 2016, till this material was finally ready to be released. Frontman Chrisse Biehl explains this the following: “TEAM STEREO is a passionate hobby. In the meantime it was never filed away but sometimes this hobby had to step back behind the real life.” When finally an end of the long-lasting work on the album was on the horizon, TEAM STEREO were confronted with an unforeseeable backlash: Major parts of the recordings had suddenly disappeared. “The story is complicated and we still haven’t completely caught up. It didn’t change the fact that we had to enter the studio once more anyway – an absolute stroke of luck! After we had the chance to let the recordings of the first sessions sink in, we had the chance to make everything perfect at second attempt. Maybe we’ll continue to work like that in the future”, Chrisse not quite seriously says. The recordings of guests like Nik Hill (NATIONS AFIRE, ex-IGNITE) and Richard Meyer (KMPFSPRT) were already perfect in the first round and fortunately those hadn’t gotten lost. Although the sound is in the tradition of emotional hardcore and punk, TEAM STEREO do not cry over the problems of growing up, they pick being grown up as a central topic. “It’s not like that life and feelings are changing fundamentally but we’re no longer wallowing in self-pity. We’re much more reflected and maybe not EVERY song is about having a broken heart. However we’ve got something to say and want to affect people.” Coincidence and the chance to be able to work without any pressure gave TEAM STEREO the possibility to create an album the sounds fresh and feels no need to fulfil any expectations. “The longer we had been working on the album, the more the ideas and the songs had become a part of us. From a certain point it became obvious that we didn’t want to hide behind a title or an incoherent artwork. This is us and we are proud of the results.”

Heimatstadt: Proberaum

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Various Artists - Deutschpunk Schlachtrufe 2018 (2018)

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Niemand Beißt Die Hand, Die Einen Füttert 17.01.2018 22.05.2021 37