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"Its raw, fierce, brutally honest and insightful stuff... Quite simply, if you’re a fan of the classic emotive punk rock sound, this is the shit that doesn’t go out of style. No gimmicks, no bullshit, just 10 quality tracks delivered with unencumbered emotion and passion." - Electric Cake. "If you grew up listening to bands such as Small Brown Bike, Jawbreaker and Rival Schools then this album will take your stereo hostage... Days Above Ground is a slab of energetic, anthemic, chorus driven punk rock. Enough to keep you satisfied for days on end... they are becoming one of Australia's most exciting punk rock bands in the scene today." - Kill Your Stereo. "This Adelaide band’s debut album is an incredibly musically mature record that has the ability to become very big if they seek that goal." - Music Vice. "An incredibly impressive debut from this Australian band. They sound like a mix of the very best Small Brown Bike with Fugazi... yeah, that's right." - Feed Fury.

Heimatstadt: Adelaide, Australia.

Songs in der Playlist

Great Mistakes (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Factory Settings 26.05.2015 19.06.2021 55
Fader 16.05.2015 03.11.2021 41
Great Mistakes 19.05.2015 06.12.2021 46
Shifty 16.05.2015 21.10.2021 48
Strings 17.05.2015 07.10.2021 55
Stumble Over 16.05.2015 27.10.2021 46
This Time 14.05.2015 10.09.2020 42
Volumes 13.05.2015 24.11.2021 48
Wake And Run 15.05.2015 23.06.2021 44
You Don't Speak For Me 20.05.2015 08.01.2022 51

Split 7Inch (2013)

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Wrong 06.03.2015 21.06.2020 25