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Frana is a noise rock/post-punk four-piece hailing from Milan (Italy). They play an energetic, pummelling, nervous, spiraling, noisy post-punk. They also talk a great deal of nonsense and goofy jokes. Angular, often odd rhythmics evolve into open crunchy guitar assaults with agile riffing, leaping through unsteady moods, seismic bursts and thoughtful slowdowns. A dissonant yet always melodic concentrate of ardent vocals, abrasive guitars, roaring bass lines and restless drumming. Edgy stuff much like Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Shellac, Polvo, Unwound, Don Caballero, Unsane, Slint, Jesus Lizard, Quicksand, Haram, Greys, Meat Wave, Pile. Frana literally stands for landslide, but it’s also italian jargon for a hopeless person. Multiple meanings, multiple feelings.

Heimatstadt: Milan, Italy

Genre: Noise Rock, Post Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Frana - Opiliones - Split (2016)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Slumping At The Rate Of Yawn 01.09.2016 19.11.2021 50
You'd Be So Scared On The Treno Fantasma 31.08.2016 31.12.2021 48