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Born in 1997 out of the Wollongong punk scene, Topnovil is an authentic fourth generation Aussie punk rock’n’roll band. Heavily influenced by “77” Punk and third generation punk rock bands, you can hear where the lads developed their distinctive Punk Rock sound. Sharing their lives, times and loves through the years; Topnovil use socialist lyrics and tunes that are fast, short, catchy, to put on a powerfully paced show. These boys are everything you need in a punk rock fix. With truth in lyrics; they write about dealing with the cards you’ve been dealt. The art of storytelling through lyrics is not lost on this band. Topnovil’s extensive body of work includes festivals performances, Australian tours and International Supports. They have shared the stage with great bands such as; The Bouncing Souls, US Bombs, H Block 101, The Casualties and The Business just to name a few. They have appeared on TV including Channel V, had tracks featured on various punk compilations, released 5 Independent EP’s, an 18 track record due and a split vinyl release with Perth Rockabilly legends The Blazin Entrails. Topnovil’s on stage chemistry provides high energy and intense shows, never giving anything less. Not just another “Street Punk” band, the bass driven rhythm, guitar hooks in every tune and singalong gang vocals make you sing their tunes when times are rough.. The lads are inspired by friends, families and people that dig the music and above all to tell their story. Given the chance Topnovil will become part of your life, with their show giving you the chance to forget yourself. It has been a long ride meeting great folks along the way, sleeping on the floors in many a punk share house. Memories of fun times drinking with the crew that come to the shows are endless and will never be forgotten.

Heimatstadt: Wollongong

Genre: Punk Rock

Songs in der Playlist

Topnovil - Bum City Saints Split (2017)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Battered And Bruised 17.10.2017 03.04.2021 48
Nothin At All 11.10.2017 01.04.2021 46
True To The End 22.10.2017 29.05.2021 42