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Wir feiern unseren 18ten Geburtstag

Am 5. September feiern wir in der Rotunde unseren 18ten Geburtstag. Fünf Bands werden wieder auf der Bühne stehen.

Details zu Tony Jones & The Cretin 3


-Formed in the early fall of 2008, and based out of Providence, RI. Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 is the epitome of rock and roll, with a punk attitude that is rarely rivaled. -The Original songs have a vintage Punk/Garage/Psychobilly feel that is sure to be reminiscent of the original days of punk in NYC. -Tony Jones & The Cretin 3 have created a sound that is unparalleled and often looked upon in awe... -Come see us live sometime: the music is really good, and Tony will buy you a 'Gansett. *************************************** We're Always looking to play shows! Get us some gas money and we're there! Please contact Tony directly about Booking: tonyjonesinri@gmail.com ***************************************

Heimatstadt: Providence, RI

Genre: Lo-fi-Horror-Punk/Psychobilly

Songs in der Playlist

Peace, Love & Slamdance (2012)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Bathroom Floor 17.01.2015 12.06.2020 36
Blood On The Pavement 07.02.2015 15.05.2020 26
Lady Frenkenstein 24.05.2015 10.06.2020 42
Leather 06.01.2015 29.05.2020 27