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Wir feiern unseren 18ten Geburtstag

Am 5. September feiern wir in der Rotunde unseren 18ten Geburtstag. Fünf Bands werden wieder auf der Bühne stehen.

Details zu The Real McKenzies


A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE REAL MCKENZIES Paul McKenzie claims he had a epiphany when he was subjected to an Andy Stewart record which was playing in one room, and intertwining with the vulgarity of a Sex Pistols album emerging from another. That year was somewhere around 1992, the setting was Vancouver Canada,and McKenzie was looking for something new, since his band TT Racer had recently disbanded. Who would have thought that a great deal of fun could be had pilfering your parents closet of old kilts and high socks to wear on a stage on which you would perform cover songs of various bands, altered slightly, to fit a scottish theme. Example: I Wanna Be Your Scot as opposed to I Wanna Be Your Dog. You get the point. Someone probably joked, If were gonna wear kilts, we might as well have a piper too. While certainly not a new angle in rock music, the bagpipes were only ever used in a couple of songs at most by various bands, never a mainstay of an entire set. Soon though, it was apparent that this was a distinctive sound that could be finely tuned, with the soaring pipes complimenting the ferocious electric guitars and vise-versa. Of course the first thing that springs to mind is the word gimmick. Sure, I guess thats applicable here. But before you go taking things way to seriously, lets also not forget the concept of show buisness. People annually spend a shitload of money for the sole purpose of being entertained. So why not go out of your way to be entertainment? That was all a moot point with the McKenzies anyway. Because they just wanted to have fun, and you are more than welcome to have fun with them, as hundereds of thousands have. Sure some will read too much meaning into the whole idea, and take it out of its realm of fun, and those people should just shut the fuck up and drink their beer. 14 years later, the Real McKenzies have achieved lengendary status. Their live shows are highly regarded and they have been known to leave large audiences choking on their own dry mouths. They've been influence to more than a few bands, and ironically have been accused of ripping those same bands off, usually by journalistic hacks on the internet. They've toured the world endlessly, and frightened more than a few people at times, but its a small percentage to the numbers of people who leave their shows with ear to ear grins and think about the great time they had for weeks to come. I can imagine it will take death to stop these guys from doing what they do best, and that's kicking your ass in the face at each and every show they play.

Heimatstadt: Vancouver BC Canada

Genre: The original Celtic punk band!

Songs in der Playlist

Two Devils Will Talk (2017)

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Due West 05.03.2017 30.05.2020 30
Float 07.03.2017 07.01.2020 20
Fuck The Real McKenzies 05.03.2017 28.02.2020 20
Northwest Passage 25.02.2017 24.06.2020 32
One Day 25.02.2017 25.01.2020 33
One Man Voyage 23.02.2017 26.05.2020 28
Pedals 26.02.2017 15.05.2020 28
Sail Again 14.03.2017 20.04.2020 24
Scots Wha Haae 14.03.2017 29.05.2020 33
Seafarers 23.02.2017 03.06.2020 31
The Comeback 04.03.2017 01.07.2020 32
The Town 22.02.2017 20.06.2020 30
Weyburn 25.02.2017 19.06.2020 23

Rats In The Burlap (2015)

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Catch Me 12.04.2015 01.06.2020 38
Dead Or Alive 15.04.2015 30.04.2020 64
Lilacs In The Alleyway 13.04.2015 20.05.2020 46
Midnight Train To Moscow 10.04.2015 02.03.2020 56
Spinning Wheels 20.04.2015 10.03.2020 54
Stephen's Green 09.04.2015 26.04.2020 44
The Fields Of Inverness 08.04.2015 10.05.2020 56
Up On A Motorbike 10.04.2015 21.06.2020 54
Wha Saw The 42nd 11.04.2015 30.05.2020 45
What Have You Done 09.04.2015 10.05.2020 62
Who'd A Thought 28.04.2015 27.04.2019 38
Yes 20.04.2015 06.05.2020 54

Shine Not Burn (2010)

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10,000 Shots 25.04.2015 24.06.2020 27
Auld Mrs. Hunt 07.03.2015 13.06.2020 31
Bastards 24.01.2015 30.03.2020 31
Best Day Until Tomorrow 22.01.2015 14.02.2020 46
Bitch Off the Money 28.02.2015 25.05.2020 22
Bugger Off 12.01.2015 04.01.2019 23
Chip 01.05.2015 28.04.2020 29
Drink the Way I Do 01.02.2015 03.06.2020 51
Droppin' Like Flies 05.01.2015 22.04.2020 34
Get Lost 03.01.2015 20.04.2020 27
Kings o' Glasgow 06.02.2015 11.05.2020 18
My Bonnie 27.03.2015 03.06.2020 36
Nessie 22.08.2015 08.04.2020 35
Pickled 10.02.2015 11.05.2020 39
Pour Decisions 29.01.2015 20.01.2020 21
Sawney Beane Clan 13.01.2015 21.02.2020 27
Scots Wha' Ha'e 15.05.2015 04.06.2020 17
Taylor Made II 15.02.2015 29.06.2020 27
The Skeleton and the Tailor 19.04.2015 18.02.2020 22
Whisky Scotch Whisky 23.02.2015 04.06.2020 24
Wild Mountain Thyme 22.01.2015 24.12.2019 23


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