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One part roaring sea shanty, one part haunting folk melody, and a solid chaser of gut-crunching street punk:The Dreadnoughts are Vancouver's biggest, baddest, drunkest, punkest folk band. Since their humble beginnings in 2006, drinking and playing in the roughest dive bars in the city, the Dreadnoughts have built a large and loyal following in Vancouver. They are often recognized as one of the best live bands in the city. They embrace the old-school destructive chaos of live punk, and they don't stop until the audience is exhausted, sweaty, happy, and usually pissed to the gills.

Heimatstadt: Vancouver, Canada

Genre: Folk/Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Victory Square (-)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Amsterdam 10.01.2015 27.06.2020 31
Boneyard 07.01.2015 04.11.2020 28
Eliza Lee 04.03.2015 10.05.2020 37
Grace OMalley 01.01.2015 09.11.2020 23
Hottres 26.01.2015 18.03.2020 24
Ivanhoe 17.04.2015 18.10.2020 30
Samovar 11.09.2015 22.05.2020 19
The West Country 04.01.2015 23.06.2020 30
Victory Square 02.03.2015 25.11.2020 37