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Wir feiern unseren 18ten Geburtstag

Am 5. September feiern wir in der Rotunde unseren 18ten Geburtstag. Fünf Bands werden wieder auf der Bühne stehen.

Details zu Russian Girlfriends


With roots in the Bay Area metal and Albuquerque punk scenes, Russian Girlfriends strikes a careful balance between raw youthful energy, infectious melodies, and thoughtful, story-driven lyricism. The band formed in 2014, comprised of Albuquerque local scene veterans and ex members of Koffin Kats, Adam Hooks and his Hang-ups, and Glitter Dick. The original lineup; Adam Hooks as lead vocalist, Ian Jarrell and Colin Dowell on guitar, and Jeremy Keith on bass, was completed when Sasha Horn (drummer for Heathen, Novembers Doom, and Forbidden.) joined as the band’s drummer. "Hooks is a songwriting and vocal force of nature. His weapons are his pen, paper, and a voice that can floor you completely and serenade you sweetly. Dowell and Jarrel's guitar lines Ride the Lightning and bite harder and faster than a pit of Ass Cobras. Horn is a prize fighter behind the drum kit. His precision and power drive each song, while Keith's bass playing gets your hips shaking and makes it all go down smooth like a fine scotch." - Gene Simmons The group is quickly winning fans near and far as they have embarked on seven tours across the United States, Canada, and Europe supporting scene veterans Red City Radio, The Bombpops, Teenage Bottlerocket, and PEARS along the way. They were also featured at "The Fest" in Gainesville, FL. In 2017, the band signed to German label Gunner Records, re-releasing their debut album "All Around," a rock-punk-pop record that draws on themes lifted from real life events, dreams, and relationships, all told with distinctly surreal and satirical undertones. The band is currently working on the release of their second LP. "All Around" is available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music, and from Orange Whip Records (US) and Gunner Records (EUR).

Heimatstadt: Albuquerque, NM

Genre: aggressive adult contemporary

Songs in der Playlist

All Around (2017)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
A New Sense Of Self 17.08.2017 18.04.2020 28
A Rollerskating Jam Named Regret 23.07.2017 02.06.2020 36
Anxiety Attack 22.07.2017 17.05.2020 30
Bones Of A Saint 06.08.2017 12.12.2019 37
Comanche Moon 25.07.2017 06.06.2020 32
Hey Jealousy...Again 31.07.2017 11.03.2020 31
I Prefer Pitbulls To People 26.07.2017 02.11.2019 23
Tad Kubler 26.07.2017 07.01.2020 39
Terrible Twos 01.08.2017 18.10.2019 30
The Biggest Lie 22.07.2017 14.12.2019 34
Theme From Stripes 29.07.2017 29.11.2019 39