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If there was ever a time for a true global resurgence of punk rock, that time would be now, and Darko's new album, Bonsai Mammoth, will be there waiting. For this new release the five-piece have formed an international team, with the record to be released on all formats through Bird Attack Records (US), Lockjaw Records (UK) and Torch of Hope (JP). And as always there are plenty of tour dates and festivals appearances across Europe and other continents that will be announced. This time around, the band have taken a step back from the narrative weaved through earlier EPs to focus inwardly on more personal subject matter, although they aren’t ruling out returning to their familiar concept-style records any time soon. Hitting the studio with a whole new perspective, Darko worked with producer Daly George (Creeper, Milk Teeth, Giants), who helped them navigate through their new approach to song-writing and to experiment with new sounds and ideas. The final touches were provided in the mastering process by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Iron Reagan, Poison Idea, Stranger Things). With musical salutes to riff-thrashers like Protest The Hero, straight-up skate punk legends Strung Out and the melodic hardcore of Comeback Kid, Bonsai Mammoth delivers wholeheartedly and shows a real progression to the band’s sound, a continuation of a journey this band of DIY brothers are only just beginning. They’ve refined their sound, toured worldwide and grown a frenzied fan base, and they are determined to convert more over to their brand of punk rock. http://www.lockjawrecords.co.uk Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/3A7XJB48UZEoAFhVHWa93v

Heimatstadt: Guildford

Genre: Melodic Hardcore Punk

Songs in der Playlist

Bonsai Mammoth (2017)

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Dead Hordes 04.03.2017 25.01.2020 29
Hiraeth 22.01.2017 21.08.2020 28
I Knew I Should Have Taken That Left Turn At... 11.02.2017 03.11.2020 27
In The Company Of Wolves 13.02.2017 12.05.2020 40
Just A Short Line 12.02.2017 29.02.2020 41
Life Forms 20.02.2017 10.07.2020 33
Lifeblood 17.02.2017 19.10.2020 46
Set In Our Ways 18.02.2017 10.09.2020 31
This Is Love 18.02.2017 14.03.2020 23
We Can Stand For Something More 15.02.2017 25.07.2020 27

Company Of Wolves (2016)

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Company Of Wolves 14.06.2016 06.08.2020 55

Melodic Punk Style - Sound Of Us. - Volume Four (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Timepieces Lock Shaped Hearts 31.05.2015 22.08.2020 39

Sea Of Trees (2014)

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Atlas To Atlantis 06.06.2015 01.07.2020 48
Canthus Viewpoints 09.06.2015 03.08.2020 48
Hanging Off A Memory 17.06.2015 14.08.2020 54
Never Coming Home 14.06.2015 11.09.2020 50
Seaward 05.06.2015 23.10.2020 51
Timepieces & Lock Shaped Hearts 20.06.2015 23.07.2020 46