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Wir bestellen wieder Flaschenöffner.

Bestellung Flaschenöffner
Wir machen wieder eine Sammelbestellung für Flaschenöffner. Dadurch können wir schon kleine Mengen für einen korrekten Kurs anbieten.

Details zu Siberian Meat Grinder


Siberian Meat Grinder is a hardcore/metal band from Russian frozen hell which plays fast and adrenaline-charged crossover thrash blended with rap, power metal, black metal, stoner rock and other genres. SMG's highly energetic recordings and insane shows allowed the band to share the stage with the bands like Agnostic Front, Terror, Deez Nuts, Born From Pain, Power Trip, Skeletonwitch, Obituary, Sodom, Slayer and perform at such international festivals as Resist To Exist, Wilwarin, Rockstadt, Fluff and Brutal Assault. SMG’s lyrics, music videos and graphical art demonstrate the strong connection of the band to the world of street-culture including graffiti, skateboarding and BMX and also praise the mighty Bear-Tsar – the band’s mascot and the ruler of Siberian Hell who leads the army of headbangers and metal warriors. Siberian Meat Grinder was formed in 2010 by the former members of different Russian punk, hardcore and rap bands, including such prominent Antifascist acts as What We Feel, Razor Bois and Moscow Death Brigade. The band has released two albums "Hail To The Tsar" (2012) and "Versus The World" (2013) - both can be found on bandcamp: http://siberianmeatgrinder.bandcamp.com/ booking in Europe: smgmskbooking@gmail.com booking in Russia and rest of the world: playitloudbooking.com vladimircrash@gmail.com

Heimatstadt: Moscow

Genre: Crossover Thrash

Songs in der Playlist

Metal Bear Stomp (2017)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Can't Stop, Won't Stop 30.10.2017 19.10.2019 30
Enter Bearface 28.10.2017 19.11.2019 38
Eternal Crusade 03.11.2017 20.10.2019 35
Face The Clan 2017 31.10.2017 02.11.2019 28
Get Busy 28.10.2017 23.10.2019 37
Hunt The Steel 29.10.2017 03.11.2019 28
Metal Bear Stomp 02.11.2017 05.11.2019 45
No Sleep Till Hell 30.10.2017 02.05.2019 22
No Way Back 02.11.2017 06.08.2019 50
Ruder Than Thou 01.11.2017 07.11.2019 33
Style 09.11.2017 14.11.2019 24
Walking Tall 2017 16.11.2017 03.11.2019 30

Versus The World (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
From The Dust Returned 13.05.2015 07.11.2019 76