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SETBACKS was formed in 2016: Juan de Lange - Drums - 2016-Current - Durban, South Africa Sean Houseman - Guitar - 2016-Current - Durban, South Africa Andy Constantinou - Lead Guitar - 2016-Current - Andy, London, U.K. Heath Rowley - Bass/Backup Vocals - 2016-2017 - Australia Aaron Goulding - Frontman/Vocals - 2016-Current - San Diego, California, U.S.A. Paul Stevenson - Engineer/many instruments but Bass currently - 2017- Current - Macclesfield, U.K. The Music: Setbacks creates melodic punk rock/90’s skate punk style music. Current Band members: Paul - Double Negative (All Instruments) - Felony Records & Milestones Sounds Andy - Double Negative (Guitar) - Felony Records & Milestones Sounds Juan - Ex- Still Thinking (Drummer), Ex-His Dying Wish (Drummer), Ex-Lowprofile (Drummer), Double Negative (Drummer) - Felony Records & Milestones Sounds Sean - Ex-Still Thinking (Vocals and Guitar), Ex-His Dying Wish (Guitar) Aaron Ex-Pridebowl VocalistBad Taste Records(Swe)/Shock Records(Aus)/Warner/Chappell Publishing(EUR) Past Band Members: Heath - Ex-Wiseheimer, Ex-Hack The Mainframe (Bass) Music Education: Andy Constantinou studied at Tech Music School in London to get his performance degree. All others band members are self taught and self disciplined. The Story/Process: None of them, except for Juan and Sean, have ever met in person and they only communicate mostly through messenger or email. Setbacks uses various music programs to create project files that are sent back and forth between members so that each can add his part. Once parts are completed, Paul engineers all of the tracks, then masters and boom, we have an album! Previous Setbacks Releases: The New Frontier - EP Release 2016 (Self Released) Oceans Apart - LP Release 2017/Morning Wood Records (Europe)/Milestone Sounds (Japan) Current: They are working on their 2nd full length release, DED.RECKONING. to be released in mid spring 2019 and currently seeking release support. Contact: Juan de Lange - juandelange@gmail.com Aaron Goulding - jagmediaproductions@hotmail.com

Heimatstadt: San Diego, CA, United States + Durban, South Africa + London/Macclesfield, United Kingdom

Genre: Skatepunk

Songs in der Playlist

Oceans Apart (2017)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Absent Minded 25.04.2017 09.08.2018 19
Blood Thirsty 26.04.2017 05.11.2018 30
Don't Bully Me (Featuring Paul Stevenson) 30.04.2017 30.10.2018 26
Don't Panic (Featuring Steven Rawles) 03.05.2017 17.06.2018 22
Just Another Day 04.05.2017 08.01.2019 18
Mind Control 27.04.2017 29.10.2018 25
No Place Like Hell 02.05.2017 15.02.2019 29
No Regrets 25.04.2017 04.08.2018 18
Oceans Apart 15.05.2017 16.03.2019 20
Remember (Featuring Etienne Dionne) 26.04.2017 22.08.2018 24
Stand By Me 04.05.2017 18.09.2018 16
Too Much Time 14.05.2017 20.02.2019 20
Victory 23.04.2017 21.02.2019 30
Zenith 23.04.2017 28.02.2019 33

Melodic Punk Style - Sound Of Us. - Volume Four (2015)

Song erster Stream letzer Stream Anzahl
Fix It 31.05.2015 27.02.2019 32